European Warm Up

Olympia 1969 - 1cd (no label) (no #)

October 10th, 1969
Olympia, Paris, France
Disc 1 (78:02):
Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown (4:04)
I Can't Quit You (6:46)
Heartbreaker (4:46)
Dazed And Confused (15:01)
White Summer / Black Mountain Side (11:52)
You Shook Me (12:20)
How Many More Times (22:59)

Source: mono soundboard

Sound quality: ****
Performance: *****

this show was originally broadcast on November 2nd, 1969, then re-broadcast on December 7th, 2007 on Europe2. Moby Dick was actually played but it is not present in the 2007 version.
Sadly few DJ chats are present in the recording: during the guitar solo of I Can't Quit You, during the bow solo and near the end of Dazed And Confused, in White Summer / Black Mountain Side and in How Many More Times.

Packaging: jewel case

the front and the back cover