Skandinavian Tour

Super Session At Tivolis Koncertsal - 1cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 445)

March 14th, 1969
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Disc 1 (48:03):
The Train Kept A Rollin' (4:24)
I Gotta Move (3:18)
I Can't Quit You (5:38)
Dazed And Confused (11:18)
White Summer / Black Mountain Side (7:10)
How Many More Times (16:13)

Sources: mono audience+mono soundboard

Sound quality: (soundboard) ****; (audience) *1/2
Performance: ****


this title contains the available soundboard and the bad aud source which completes the show. There is a faint trouble throughout the recording: on the background a different band's music can be heard (by headphones).

Packaging: jewel case

the front and the back cover