4th US Tour

When A Glass Was Thrown - 2cd by Tarantura (#TCD-75-1,2)

October 30th, 1969
Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, New York, USA
Disc 1 (48:26):
Introduction (0:50)
Good Times Bad Times (0:36)
Communication Breakdown (3:07)
I Can't Quit You (7:24)
Heartbreaker (5:13)
Dazed And Confused (17:00)
Tuning (2:17)
White Summer / Black Mountain Side (11:55)
Disc 1 (33:42):
What Is And What Should Never Be (5:20)
Moby Dick (16:33)
Band Introduction (1:11)
How Many More Times (10:37)

Source: mono audience

Sound quality: **1/2
Performance: ****

this release is much more complete than Headliner by Magnificent Disc

Packaging: gatefold sleeve

the front and the back cover