10th US Tour — second leg

Chasing The Dragon - 3cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 188/189/190)

March 5th, 1975
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USA
Disc 1 (57:57):
Rock And Roll (4:22)
Sick Again (6:31)
Over The Hills And Far Away (8:12)
In My Time Of Dying (13:02)
The Song Remains The Same (5:32)
The Rain Song (9:09)
Kashmir (11:06)
Disc 2 (34:46):
No Quarter (13:02)
Trampled Underfoot (9:34)
Moby Dick (12:10)
Disc 3 (69:25):
Dazed And Confused (35:07)
Stairway To Heaven (12:53)
Whole Lotta Love (5:41)
Black Dog (6:51)
Heartbreaker (8:50)

Source: stereo soundboard

Sound quality: *****
Performance: ***1/2


another amazing soundboard: for the first time it is presented the last 1/3 of the show but No Quarter is still cut in the middle section and Moby Dick fades out as the old releases of this show.
The Dallas concert dates are matter of debate: someone still considers the 4th and 5th as the right dates.

Packaging: digipack with slipcase

the front and the back cover (slipcase)

the front and the back cover (digipack)