10th US Tour — second leg

Conspiracy Theory - 3cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 263/264/265)

March 14th, 1975
Sports Arena, San Diego, California, USA
Disc 1 (54:22):
Rock And Roll (4:07)
Sick Again (6:14)
Over The Hills And Far Away (8:18)
In My Time Of Dying (12:15)
The Song Remains The Same (5:35)
The Rain Song (8:59)
Kashmir (8:53)
Disc 2 (65:33):
No Quarter (31:47)
Trampled Underfoot (8:03)
Moby Dick (25:41)
Disc 3 (54:56):
Dazed And Confused (33:13)
Stairway To Heaven (12:33)
Heartbreaker (9:08)

Source: stereo soundboard

Sound quality: *****
Performance: ***1/2


this time Empress Valley presents not only another stunning complete soundboard but an unknown concert! Actually this date was probably quickly added to the itinery after the first sold-out San Diego show on March 10th. It's not clear if the usual encores Whole Lotta Love / The Crunge / Black Dog were not performed or if they have not been recorded.

Packaging: digipack with slipcase

the front and the back cover (slipcase)

the front and the back cover (digipack)