10th US Tour — first leg

Cryin' Won't Help You - 2cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 501/502)

January 20th, 1975
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Disc 1 (52:39):
Introduction (0:56)
Rock And Roll (3:44)
Sick Again (5:41)
Over The Hills And Far Away (6:37)
When The Levee Breaks (8:51)
The Song Remains The Same (5:25)
The Rain Song (8:31)
Kashmir (9:00)
The Wanton Song (3:50)
Disc 2 (74:07):
No Quarter (12:57)
In My Time Of Dying (10:14)
Trampled Underfoot (6:19)
Moby Dick (9:41)
How Many More Times (13:20)
Stairway To Heaven (10:05)
Whole Lotta Love (1:11)
Black Dog (6:15)
Communication Breakdown (4:00)

Source: mono audience

Sound quality: **
Performance: ***1/2

in January Plant got the flu, Page had a strained finger… anyway, IMHO the show is good.
How Many More Times is from the show of January 21st: the song was not performed.
Empress Valley changes the usual (wrong) setlist: In My Time Of Dying follows No Quarter and not When The Levee Breaks as the previous releases by Tarantura and Wendy Records of this show. The sequence is still wrong because the song was played just before Stairway To Heaven.

Packaging: gatefold sleeve

the front and the back cover