10th US Tour — second leg

Taking No Prisoners Tonight - 3cd by Badgeholders (#BH004-1-2-3)

March 12th, 1975
Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, USA
Disc 1 (55:23):
Rock And Roll (4:34)
Sick Again (6:16)
Over The Hills And Far Away (8:05)
In My Time Of Dying (11:54)
The Song Remains The Same (6:55)
The Rain Song (8:29)
Kashmir (9:07)
Disc 2 (47:07):
No Quarter (21:45)
Trampled Underfoot (8:16)
Moby Dick (17:05)
Disc 3 (72:41):
Dazed And Confused (32:51)
Stairway To Heaven (13:51)
Whole Lotta Love (1:12)
The Crunge (6:39)
Black Dog (6:27)
Heartbreaker (11:37)

Sources: two stereo audiences

Sound quality: (first audience) **1/2; (second audience) ****
Performance: ****1/2

the bass distortion on the recording is not such prominent as on TDOLZ title; the second audience source begins in the middle of Stairway To Heaven and lasts till the end of the show.

Packaging: jewel case with slipcase

the front and the back cover (slipcase)

the front and the back cover (jewel case)