11th US Tour — first leg

The Fuckin' P.A. System - 3cd by Tarantura (#OK-001,002,003)

April 3rd, 1977
The Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Disc 1 (64:12):
The Song Remains The Same (7:02)
The Rover / Sick Again (6:25)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (7:53)
In My Time Of Dying (12:33)
Since I've Been Loving You (9:39)
No Quarter (20:37)
Disc 2 (53:11):
Ten Years Gone (11:42)
The Battle Of Evermore (9:13)
Going To California (6:00)
Black Country Woman (2:55)
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (5:46)
White Summer (5:05)
Black Mountain Side (2:58)
Kashmir (9:28)
Disc 3 (63:53):
Over The Top (20:04)
Guitar Solo (8:40)
Achilles Last Stand (9:40)
Stairway To Heaven (12:49)
Rock And Roll (4:18)
Trampled Underfoot (8:19)

Source: stereo audience

Sound quality: **
Performance: ***


Plant is in good shape, but Page is erratic and sloppy in his playing.
The drum solo (now called by Plant Over The Top) uses the riff of Out On The Tiles as introduction.

Packaging: plastic case

the front and the back cover