4th European Tour

Frankfurt Special - 2cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 314/315)

June 30th, 1980
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Disc 1 (63:32):
The Train Kept A Rollin' (4:31)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (5:59)
Out On The Tiles / Black Dog (6:19)
In The Evening (8:38)
The Rain Song (8:14)
Hot Dog (3:59)
All My Love (6:25)
Trampled Underfoot (8:47)
Since I've Been Loving You (10:36)
Disc 2 (66:18):
Achilles Last Stand (10:26)
White Summer / Black Mountain Side (7:22)
Kashmir (10:44)
Stairway To Heaven (13:02)
Rock And Roll (4:53)
Money (5:14)
Whole Lotta Love (14:33)

Sources: stereo soundboard+stereo audience

Sound quality: ****1/2
Performance: ***1/2

the audience source completes the very few gaps in the soundboard.
Phil Carson plays the bass guitar on Money. Together with Zurich, Frankfurt is the best concert from the Tour Over Europe.

Packaging: jewel case

the front and the back cover