The 2007 Reunion

Legendary Reunion 2007 - 2cd by Wendy Records (#WECD-105/106)

December 10th, 2007
O2 Arena, London, England, UK
Disc 1 (65:08):
Before The Show (5:43)
Opening Film (1:28)
Good Times Bad Times (3:09)
Ramble On (5:43)
Black Dog (6:05)
In My Time Of Dying (12:11)
For Your Life (6:54)
Trampled Underfoot (7:01)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (7:10)
No Quarter (9:40)
Disc 2 (73:38):
Since I’ve Been Loving You (8:31)
Dazed And Confused (12:12)
Stairway To Heaven (8:50)
The Song Remains The Same (6:48)
I Can't Quit You Baby (0:11)
Misty Mountain Hop (5:50)
Kashmir (12:32)
Whole Lotta Love (10:41)
Rock And Roll (5:47)
After The Show (2:12)

Source: stereo audience

Sound quality: *****
Performance: *****

it seems this title has been recorded very near to the stage: on the first two songs the guitar and the bass guitar can be heard clearly where the other sources suffer of the balance problems in the audio mix. IMHO the best source for this show.

Packaging: jewel case

the front and the back cover